For your Tv do you have Satellite,Cable or Neither?

I have satellite...
What about you??


use to have satellite,went to Cable but want satellite again.

Satellite and Cable for local channels

I have satellite. It's much better than cable. The picture quality is amazing, many channels, these channels can be free (FTA) and scrambled that need a subscription. Also, if you know how to patch a receiver, you can get so many scrambled channels for free, without having to pay for it. that's what I'm doing, but I also have a subscription. Satellite TV is better, in every way,



Tried satellite. It was going out all the time. Now I have cable
TV, high speed Internet and even phone.

cable & satellite

Satellite... I live in the middle of nowhere so I can't really get anything else

On the radio. Right now I'm watching a flashback game from June 2005 on FSN Milwaukee against the Twins.

Cable, I had to with broadband. I don't remember the last time I turned it on tho...

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