Mothers day gift ideas???10 points plz???

i was looking for a good diamond pair of earrings or necklace for my mom and she as been wanting something for years, she's like next week is mother's day and we never came around close to buying her anything.
so where can i buy nice priced cute diamond jewelery.
give me your opinions and where to buy those things

great ideas trust me I'm taking ideas from this website 'cause I don't know what to get my mom either don't worry this site will help you.
but for most of us our mom is the most special woman in our lives. So why, when it comes to Mother's Day, do we grab a bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates, telling ourselves that next year we'll do better?
Here's some more tips
It depends what mom u have so:
Traditional Mom
For Moms who appreciate conventional things one of these is sure to win:
• Floral -- If your Mom really does love plant life why not try a small tree? If she lives in an apartment, try a Bonsai tree, but if you feel you can only say it with a standard bouquet, find out what flower is significant to her (for example her birth month flower) to make it really special.
Mile-a-minute Mom
Many Moms are so busy thinking of everyone else that they forget about pampering themselves:
• Breakfast in bed -- An oldie but a goldie. It's easy, inexpensive and sure to put a smile on any woman's face.
• Spa treatment -- Check with local spas for Mother's Day specials you can both indulge in.
• Surprise Mom with a night out: the theatre, movies, something you would enjoy together.

Fly by the seat of her pants Mom
Not every woman loses her zest for adventure when she becomes a Mom, so if yours enjoys a thrill:
• Adrenaline junkie moms will revel in a day of extreme sports; why not try Scuba diving, rock climbing or if that's too much for you how about kayaking or a hot air balloon ride.
Practical makes perfect Mom
Some Moms don't have a frivolous bone in their body, so why not:
• Find out her hobbies and enroll you both in a night class -- if that's too time consuming get her some good books on the subject.
• How about a hands free cell phone set or spill-proof travel mug to make her life easier.
Easy to please Mom
These Moms always get neglected so it's important to go that extra mile to make them feel extra-special:
• The gift of time -- What this Mom adores most is being with you, so take the time to plan a special day for you both: shopping, a picnic in the park, a rambling walk. Think of your Mom's favourite things and share them together -- she'll be delighted with your consideration.
Final tips:
Put thought into it -- an old cliché but true. Pay attention to conversations you have with your Mom and sound her out for ideas -- you'll be amazed at the ideas you'll come up with. At the end of the day you don't have to blow your budget, you just have to make her feel special...Good luck!

Every woman wants a blue box from Tiffany's - just seeing the box is exciting - it doesn't matter what is in it. They actually have some inexpensive things. You know it's quality and would be a dream come true for most women. Look on their website - you have to really look for the inexpensive items, but they are there.
Other than that, Costco has good prices and so does wal mart. Just don't go to Kays, their stuff never lasts long.

I think you should maybe go with a gift card for her favourite shop at least you no she is using it on something she wants because its really hard to pick what people are into or maybe a gift voucher or a massage or manicure,pedicure ect.. I personally wouldn't waste my money on some flowers because they will die within a week although its the though that counts

If you want to give a special gifts for Mother .A personalized or handmade set of mugs, tea cups or teapot for a truly unique gift idea and personalized gift is always very special, a photo or a frame or book with a personalized message.

I think it's a great idea to buy your mom diamond jewelry, but it is really pricey. If you can afford it, you should buy it, here are some other ideas.
Breakfast in Bed
Spa Day With Mom-(real spa or spa at home; manicure and pedicure)
Here are so more pricey ideas
Designer Purse

Bought my mom and mother-in-law birthstone mother's rings last year and matching pendants this year. They had all the kid's birthstones in the rings and pendants. Maybe something like that...or if your an only child, maybe her birthstone and yours in a ring or pendant?
Bought mine from They also sent me a coupon code for 5% off - MOM. They have free overnight shipping going on right now too!
Hope this helps!

go to nordstrom. they have good mothers day gifts during this time. (since its next week).
you cn maybe make her a card with picture of you two together, or like you said, necklace and earrings, perfume. (watches are a bit hard because you dont know how big her wrists are.)

UMMM you should get your mom a gift certificate to a spa for a massage or something of the sort... that is way better than stuff that will just sit in her jewelry box or around the house... and its relaxing and rejuvinating...

Dimonds are very very nice. Try Kohls they have it real cheep sometimes. Like 60% sometimes. I got my mom a gold necklace for like 30 and it use to be around 120. Very nice. That is where I would try

I think something that mother really enjoy are candles i know my mom loves them! She says everytime she lights the candle she thinks of me. Also what you could do is suprise her with bed in breakfast in the morning. I started that a couple of years ago and she looks forward to it every year. Remember simple things can matter way more than material things!☺

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