Where more American Soldiers killed in Iraq or Vietnam?


Vietnam had 58,000 american soldiers,marines,sailors etc. killed.
We've had less than 10% of that today in Iraq and Afghanistan with 5,000


There were over 50,000 soldiers killed in Vietnam. The ones that lived were literally spat upon when they got home.

I think Vietnam



58,193 killed in Vietnam
4,168 in Iraq

the yankee infantrymen have been killed by way of fact they have been someplace they could desire to no longer have been. If Iraq,and all different center East states have been in basic terms flattened shall we initiate off on the line to worldwide peace. fairly the powers that be enable refugees from those radical aspects of the worldwide to return to our civilized section,ruining it. the warriors could be referred to as abode with cheers and help for their efforts,and saturation bombings comprehensive until theres no existence interior the middle east. are you able to think of a night information and not utilising a record of yet another suicide bombing?

vietnam, over 50,000 dead USA troops and in Iraq a bit more than 3,000 so far.

definately.. VIETNAM.. absolute tragic

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