any tips on stopping nail biting?

I've been biting my nails all my life. I don't only bite my nails i also bite the skin around the nails and the cuticles. This also is beginning to lead to an oral fixation to me, so i need to stop soon before it gets worse. My nails are always annoying me now (stinging, they hurt, bleeding) and i know they are very unattractive. I want to end this horrible habit. Any tips?, please answer.


there are special nail polishes that give your nails horrible taste so you dont want to bit them anymore.
and or around the house you can wear gloves, so when you put your hand to your mouth it will be cloth.

My guy friend has the same problem. I've painted his nails with a clear nail polish - no one notices, trust me...but anyways, what typically happens is that right before he bites his nails, he tends to feel the nail (subconsciously). Once he feels that his nails are actually smooth, he remembers that he has nail polish on which indicates that it was used to prevent him from biting. Now, he is MUCH better! I only paint it on for him from time to time, usually whenever it gets bad again. Good luck, it is not an easy habit to get rid of, but this method works! Just try it for a couple days and see, you can always remove the nail polish if it doesnt work

Are you dealing with the same problem I was dealing with 1 year ago?
I recommend you to go to Target and when you enter the store go to the beauty aile . Look for the nail polishes and stuff.. When you are there buy the nailpolish that allows you to not not bite your nails because of the bitteer taste! i also think you should clip your nails every day or every other day. You should start having this plan.. that whenever you bite your nails you should punish yourself :p lol. I hope this helps!! Good luck!! is this one of your resolutions for the new year?

chew gum
they have nail polish that burns your mouth if you chew them
put fake nails on

Use cream so they'll be soft & you won't want to pick at them. Get a manicure so they'll look pretty & you won't want to chip the polish. Spritz jalapeno juice on your nails so when you bite at them it will be spicy & you'll stop. Good luck!!

theres stuff you can buy to put on your nails like polish or something
it tastes really bad so when you bite them you go eww and eventually stop

Put the worst tasting liquid on your nails that is safe. Maybe vinegar, lemon juice (just lemon juice no water no sugar.) Or you could wear gloves all the time.....

find this nail polish, sorry don't know what its called, its directly made for people like you and has a horrible taste so it will deter you from biting them

what i do is put nail polish on it. like pack it on so when i do put my finger in my mouth it really taste nastyy. also you can wrap bandaids. i saw it on tv.

wear glove for a few weeks and then you'll get out of the habit

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