humiliating pregnancy problem....WHY?! (mature answers only please)?

So i went to the ER the other night and had a follow up appt with my OB yesterday. I have been having a lot of pressure and leaking fluid. Well to make a long story short I guess I have a lot of pressure on my bladder and am leaking urine. I thought this didn't happen until later in pregnancy? its the weirdest thing! Everytime I stand up i feel like I am going to pee myself and its fine when i am sitting or laying down. Please tell me that it has happend to other people as well! And what do you do about it???

Ohh I am 14 weeks 1 day. And the dr said my uterus is about 1 1/2 inches under my belly button.


I peed my pants in rite aid at fifteen weeks. Don't worry about it. You will be suprised at how early you experience pregnancy symptoms.
It's natural. Pregnancy will cause you to experience a lot of embarassing things, but you just have to learn to deal with them.
Wear pads.
My nipples started leaking fluid at around 25 weeks. Be sure to buy breast pads ahead of time.
Everybody is different. Some may experience symptoms sooner than others.

DON'T BE EMBARRASSED! I had the same thing. It started at 16 weeks. It happens sometimes when you have an inverted or "tilted" uterus which I do. What I did:
1. Got a maternity belt. This helped lift the pressure off of my bladder by supporting my belly/ uterus (It also helped with my back pain).
2. Did Kegal exercises. These help during and after pregnancy by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. People use them to enhance sexual experience as well as for incontinence. Ask your doctor about how to do them and if they would be appropriate for you. You'll definitely need them after pregnancy at least.
3. Empty your bladder as frequently as possible (I know it probably seems like you live on the toilet).
4. Pantyliner/ pads: unfortunately I had to have a backup when the other things failed.
Just remember, it will all be over in a few months and everything you went through will be worth it. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I know, it's really embarassing! Wearing a pad helps catch the leaking. The baby just presses down on the bladder and you can't help it. It is worse when you stand up because the baby drops a little lower from gravity.
Last night, I went pee and then walked out the door, locked up, and by the time I got halfway down the front walk, I had leaked enough that I had to go back inside and change. LOL. The joys of pregnancy!

The growing baby puts enormous pressure on the bladder. By the time the baby is is full term, the bladder is pressed down and almost flat compared to the round bladder you are used to having.
Leaking urine is common. You should be doing Keigel exercises to strengthen your PC muscles. Besides fighting the urine leak, Keigel exercise can help you prevent tearing during birth, damage to organs in that area during birth and even help give you stronger and better orgasms during sex!
The same muscle you use to hold back pee when you have to go...or if you were to stop peeing the muscle you contract for Keigel exercises. You can do them the car at each stop light...while watching TV during each commercial break, etc. You should start by doing 50 per day for one week. Just hold for 2 sec and release. Next week, up that to 100. Third week, hold for 3 sec and gradually release 100 times per day. 4th week...gradually contract, hold 3 sec, gradually release. 5th week, gradually contract, slight release, contract again, gradually release 150 times per day. After that...make up your own patterns and do at least 150 times per day.
This will certainly help with the urine leaking issue and will give you many other benefits.
Good luck.

Ohhhh, honey! I'm glad everything is okay. We actually ended up in the E.R. as well, but not for me. For hubby. It was a scary night! XD
Well, I started leaking urine when I was around 16 weeks and it only gets worse. There is so much pressure and you do tinkle quite a bit. Haha. You could always start wearing pads. I actually had to start doing that towards the end because it got so embarrassing! I was also worried towards the end starting my 30th week that it was amniotic fluid, but it was only pee. So, don't worry! EVERY pregnant woman goes through this. Trust me. SNEEZE, tinkle tinkle. COUGH, tinkle tinkle, sometimes just tinkle tinkle! Haha. It's okay!!! *huggles*

this is happening to me 2, it happened in the first trimester and then stoped and now bak again im 29 wks, the baby is pressing on your bladder thats why when u lay down or sit your fine but standin isnt, i would were pads as atleast it will obsorb the urine, hope iv help a lil, also do you do your pelvic floor muscles, its just flexin your vagina muscles it really dose help alot

awww hunni, dnt be embarrassed, im feelin the same ish as i have soooo much CM, its like a party down there lol.
maybe u could wear panty liners to make u feel 'safer'.
im not sure if pelvic floor exercise could help? i know its recommended post pregnancy maybe do some light stretches?
best wishes hunni

I started leaking urine around 26 weeks, my panties kept getting wet, I resorted to pantyliners, it's embarrassing but unfortunately there not much you can do, it is however common, best luck

normal , wait till the baby's born , you cough , laugh sneeze , you pee , it lasts forever !

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