Man Utd 5-0 Wigan: Isn't it a shame that we won't be scoring anymore free kicks....? that Ronaldo has gone..... and we have no decent midfielders..?



^ I think sarcasm is lost on S. ^

3-1 United.

Didn't have a bad second half did we?
Some great positives can be taken from today's game. Scoring five away from home is always good for confidence. All three strikers got on the score sheet too.
It was a wonderfully struck goal by Berbatov who has clearly responded to his managers faith in him as we read about in several of this morning's papers.
100 and 101 respectively for the average striker Wayne Rooney, let's see him go on a scoring streak now, Michael Owen also opened his United account in the Premier League.
Owen's goal was very well taken and was made by a visionary cross field assist from Nani. The move started in unlikely fashion, Berbatov back tracking taken the ball from a lacklustre Wigan. To me, that's the little bit of invention I've been calling for and what was lacking so much in our last two matches.
Darron Gibson had a long range effort when he come on for Paul Scholes. A strike from midfield - something else omitted from our play before today. Very good to see us trying that little something different.
Nani's free kick wrapped up the game with almost the last kick of the match. He honed his target after shooting over from similar range
minutes earlier.
Lastly, special mention has to go to the work horse in the middle this afternoon. Darren Fletcher commanded the United midfield and I have to take back my comments from last week when I said he's not a centre midfielder.
It was great to have Vidic back in the starting XI again but after a half of missed opportunity, it was the attacking prowess that won through impressively.

Shame on Nani indeed for converting the freekick. We might as well get used to his backflip celebrations.

Yes no more freekick goals from us, except another player from Portugal - NANI!!!! 5-0!!!

Not trying to bring ManU down or anything, but come on, its Wigan. I don't keep up too much with the EPL, but I know Wigan isnt exactly a top half-of-the-league table contender.

at half time this game was still a major concern.
I was at the birmingham game and it worried me, Wednesday's game worried me even me even more.
Wigan are no push overs, let the next chapter in the clubs history commence

I would love a videotape of that dressing room at halftime. Whatever he said then it would be rated 18.

Nani score with a freekick,you idiot!

Decided to come out of hiding since the burnley match have you????

will be the last

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