what songs would you like to hear on a photography website?

im creating a website and i was just trying to get an idea of what the general public would like to hear on it
i was thinking maybe "pictures of you" by the last goodnight - but im up for anything!


Depends on what kind of photography you do. Before you upload any song to your website, make sure you buy the rights to use it.
A good place to purchase the rights to songs for photo websites is from Triple Scoop Music http://triplescoopmusic.com/ They have very reasonable prices.
P.S. "Pictures of You" is one of my favorite songs!

Personally I don't like music on a website. If there is an Off button, I turn the music off.
Especially if I am looking at a photography website. I am there to look at photos, not listen to music.

I like to hear some kind of soft noise when one picture transforms into another : shooting stars , falling snow , rain , thunder , waves , etc .
But when I look at the picture I like to contemplate , so any music in the background is a NO from me .
Besides , every picture carries a very different mood with it . How can you find a song that will fit them all .

NONE NONE NONE just in case you have not heard the answer enough already. I usually always have some music of my own playing and I do NOT want to be forced to either:
1: turn off what I am listening to and be forced to listen to what YOU want me to hear
2: have to search around for a mute button to turn the web music OFF
3: if there is no mute button, I close the site... bam.... you have lost me as any prospect.
Are you getting the idea now.... NO music on your site!!!

If it's not a music website, I find music irritating, especially when I have to fish around to find the off button. I have my own music thank you.

None. I'm not on the site to listen to music. I'm there to see your work and whether I'd be interested in hiring you. Photographers with music on their sites are quickly muted by me.

none, music on websites is irritating and I always turn it off

Most anything be Pink Floyd works for me. (but I'm not one to Mettle )

I mute the music - it distracts me.

Cage's 4'33"

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