What have I done divorce or stay married ?

In the beginning of my new relationship I was in the process of separation & divorce my ex husband who was very verbally, mentally & spiritually abusive Worked with counselor to bring my self back My boyfriend, at the time who is now my husband, was fully aware of this Let me say we are not in our 20s I am 44 he is 53 I had my own apartment for 1 yr Let me tell you after I moved in to my own place He confessed to me he was seeing 3 other women very Intimately he agreed to be monogamous with me I moved in with him 1 yr later one day I came in from work & there was a hair tie a womans body spray & he was on the phone hung up real quick I ask who stuff it was he said nothing happened she was trying to cause trouble then turn the tables & he ask me when was the last time I had sex with my ex I said it no longer mattered badgerd harrased finally I say it was right before I moved in to my aprt. 2 yrs ago can't say why BIG MISTAKE all 3 min he flipped out !!! He says his anger is fueled because I did not tell him sooner like the night he confessed to me about his other women Now I am nothing lying cheating slut ,whore, **** *****. He is a Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde major asshole,when it's good it's great bad VERY BAD loves me wants to work it out next hates my skanky *** wants to throw me out I am not worth the heart ach he loves me cant live without me it is now 5 yrs we just got married 4 month he convinced me all the this BS would stop how he would feel secure if we married I said on the promise that he will not bring up the past BS stop disrespecting me leave the past where it is Now I don't bring up the facts after we I moved in he once tried to hand me a pair of underwear that were not mine or the 500 naked pictures of his exs or the sex tape he made with 1 of them don't you think if he was serious about us he would have cleaned out his house to show me that ? I did not flip out each time 1 of them called every morning at 6:30 because she was his alarm clock & then stop by on her way to work to give him a BJ I mean every morning these calls for 2 months I told him he needed to talk to her or I would in one of his rages he let me know the one who called every morning how she gives the best BJ he ever had in his life and I give the worst and needed to read a book on it & watch tapes of her to get it right always apologizes and has some reason excuse he says insecure just loves me so much blah blah blah convinced me so sincere 2 days after the wedding it started all up and its escalated it is unbelievable like us being married he thinks im stuck here & have to take this he says I need to feel the pain I caused him by my betrayal WAY back then and that if I want things to work I have to let him f**k some other woman in front of me I have to do this to prove to him I really love him but for 5 yrs his word vomit his verbal assaults and telling me how I f**ked up his life & don't do it for him anyway Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde what have I done Divorce or stay


I'm not seeing anything in what you wrote to support your staying with him. He obviously misled you into marrying him, and is not keeping his word. In fact, if he wants to fool around with other women, why did he want to convince you to marry him at all?
It usually takes at least two years to get emotionally stable after a serious relationship ends; some say it takes a year for every five years of the relationship. Take some time for yourself to get strong and independent before getting involved with another guy.

Spiritually abusive?

Why ever ask... it's common sense. Divorce hes going to screw other women because he knows you are a push over and won't do anything about it.

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