AP spanish test tomorrow!!!! help!!!!! 10 points!!!!!!!!!?

Tomorrow is my AP spanish test and I'm a little, well, A LOT nervous. I;m a native speaker and my teacher has been making us practice for the year but this last week she gave us the practice exam, which I did not pass, only because I didn't get enough sleep that week and I could not concentrate..I think I can do good if I try my hardest..I am good at reading and answering questions but my problem would have to be the talking version...where you have to record yourself haing a conversation..Are there any online tests I can take? I tried some but they were all about vocab(which is not on the test)...Any past test takers have any advice??? thank you. 10 points rewarded. ps. I looked over the practice AP exam and I saw what I did wrong...they happened to be stupid mistakes...ay ay ay


i'm taking it tomorrow too and surprisingly i'm not nervous.
and i'm also a native speaker.
for the talking, our teacher and past test takers said to repeat yourself if you run out of things to say. especially for the formal part.
good luck tomorrow and hope you pass(:

try sparknotes.com
just make an account and they have practice tests on about every AP course
im not so sure if they have the recording part of the test but you could check :)
i went there to practice for my upcoming tests as well
not taking spanish though
good luck on the test!!!
hope you get a 5

Surely you know other native speakers of Spanish --why not read a book or publication to them and have them correct you as you go along. Looking for a site, taking the reading test, submitting it and waiting for them to get back to you might be time consuming. Reading to someone face to face gets the job done faster.

Ive herd is fairly easy! well if ur good at spanish den it will b a peace of cake! But dont worry ..Just relax take a deep breath and do your best!

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