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I need suggestion for the perfect SLR camera. Practical and not that expensive SLR camera.


Based on your ?? and clarifaction answer, I would have to suggest the Canon Digital Rebel XSi. It is a very good camera, and designed for the average consumer. Unlike the nikon d40 or d60 which are basic cameras that most people out grow and have very little resale value (and only work with some of the nikon lenses), the Canon Rebel XSI is a full feature camera and will use all the Canon EF and EFS Lenses.
The XSI recently was rated the Best Camera under $900 by Popular Photography. It is a top rated camera and will work great for your portraits. The new Canon 50D is an even better camera, but might be more than you need. The 50D just replaced the 40D and often you can find a person that barely used it and wants the latest toy so they will sell it off for a great deal. I have seen several going that are near new for aroudn $800ish and that is a good price for the Canon 40D. It has often been compared to the Nikon d300 whihc is 60-80% more expensive than the 40D.... :) Also the Canons give better results if you are shooting lin low light, esp usefull when shooting people in natural light indoors!!! The Rebel XSi replaced the XTi which was a good camera but not as good as the XSI. The XS is now out but I sugest the XSi over it as its a better sensor and a better value. For full specs on them, visit the Canon website at www.Canon.com
I would suggest getting a good lens or 2 to go with it, based on what you want to shoot. If you want to do wide angles and landscapes or such, the Canon 17-40 F4 L series is the best bang for your $$$. I do not suggest getting a sigma or tokina lens, as the quality is really low and your image quality will sugger. Tamron makes some very nice lenses. The 17-50 F2.8 and the 70-200 F2.8 are both very good and fast lenses and mioght work well for you. They are also a lot less than the Canon counterparts. I prefer the Canon glass, but if you get the SP (pro grade) Tamron glass it is almost as good and will yield good results. Also the F2.8 will allow you nice portraits as it has a shallow depth of filed so you can blow out (blur) the background so the shot has more of an artistic look.
Hope this helps you out. If you have more ??? drop me a PM.

Pretty much before you purchase any kind of item, you must know what do you plan to do with it to get what you really need and not waste money.
For a camera, will you use it for family snapshots, stock photography sales, sports (zoom lenses), shoot weddings for some side income, aerial shots, etc? That will tell you what lenses you will need, and how fast the camera needs to be.
Then narrow down your choices so you know if you can make use of the typical lens that comes with the camera or if you’ll never use it and you just need to buy the body and 1 or 2 specialized lens. Family shots, you’ll need to know how much action (camera & lens speed), how far way the kids are (speed and flash), and where such as bright sunlight or darkened school stage (speed of camera/lens/flash).
Then just search the web for "best digital SLR" and browse. I’m sure all the camera magazines all have an online version and you can check their reviews. Once you define what you need and have a couple models in mind, you might find last years model cheaper, or be able to step up a level for the same price.
Next, just like a car, you need to test drive it. A good camera store will let you hold it for 15 minutes while you fiddle with the menu system, change lens, etc. to make sure which camera you are most comfortable with.

Here's the thing that TV and anyone who still uses the kit strap on their camera that says broadcasts the camera make and model they have is; won't tell you.
All DSLR cameras are the same. Some have a faster sync, some have video, some can autofocus in video mode, some have liveview, some have motors, some are small, some are full frame 35mm, some are 60mm medium format. And some have subtle differences in performance. But all of them have manual focus and exposure control. And that's all you need. So before I, personally wave my hand in the air and scream, OLYMMMMMMMMPUSSSSSSS!!!!!!! I'll sugest that you go to a camera store, not Walmart or Best Buy but a real camera store, Ritz, BH, Bobs photo and video, Milwaukee imaging, whatever it is in your town and try out the cameras. Find the one you are happy with. Also keep in mind that an SLR may not be the best choice. It's heavy and requires more manual control, even in auto mode. Some people don't find it the most fitting camera for their needs.

A compact camera is commony know as a point and shoot. And it is exactly that. It is meant to be compact so you can point it and shoot it without doing anything. An SLR has all the things everybody said because it give the photographer the ability to set up the camera in a way to use their skill and knowledge to achieve the best shot, by isolating or exaggerating an element in the scene. For example I saw one where a white horse stands out over a stormy field. The photographer over exposed the film a little to make the horse much brighter than the field. If he did it with a compact, the automatic meter in the camera would have made the filed lighter and the horse darker, evening out at a boring gray. It may have also focused on the grass, leaving the horse out of focus.

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I would suggest the Canon 50D. The latest and greatest and a WONDERFUL camera!! Best in its class and better than many that are even more $$$. The Canon Rebel XSI is the best entry level-consumer grade camera! Pop Photography did an article about the best camera under $900 and the XSI was the clear winner! It blew the rest out of the water, esp for image quality and low light useage! So that is what I woudl suggest. I use a 30D and love it and hope I can save up and get the 50D soon. Get a good lens to go with it. If you like Wide angle the Tamron 17-50 F2.8 is great. I got one and love it. I love my firiends canon 17-40, but the Tamron was more in my budget.

Everyone is different, budget, what they want it for, how much it is going to be used....

so here's a good web site http://www.cameras.co.uk/html/Digital-SL... ( sorry could only get the UK site up)
My suggestion would be the Canon EOS 400D Digital SLR Camera. This has been the market leader since it came out, not any more though. Cannon have just brought out the 450D so you should get a good deal buying last years model. According to many reviews the Tamron lenses are very good and cheaper than the Cannon lenses.

Perfect=expensive, to save money they take good things out of them.
Write down what you think you need the camera to do for you then go look at them in the price range your willing to spend. When you find one you like to hold, does most of what is on your list you have the perfect camera for YOU.

What do you consider practical and how do you define expensive?
Practical for what? Landscapes, portraits or action? Lightweight, versatile?
What's the perfect vehicle for me? Will I be transporting a boat, a lot of people, high gas mileage, sports car for two, hauling a lot of stuff around?
You have to define expensive and practical before you can obtain a meaningful answer.

You want a perfect camera that is not expensive? I'm not even going to try to answer such a ridiculous question...

I always liked the N/F75 from Nikon. At the moment they go for around $80 used.

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