how do i get rid of dark circles under my eyes?

i have these dark circle under and its pretty bad theve bothered me for a while and i need advice to get rid of them. please helpp??!!*


Not possible without wearing tons of make up. Even Oprah & Hilary Clinton who buys the best concealers money can buy can't cover theirs. Don't believe me? Google them and see their latest photos.
Jane Fonda had surgery done, admitted she hated surgeries, but that's ONE she actually had done.
You CAN try to sleep the same amount of hours everyday, and eat all the healthy foods from Mother Nature.
It's possible changing your sleep & diet can do miracles.

Some women have dark circles if they lose a lot of blood during their menses. That along with a fibroid cyst, can cause a lot of blood loss and very dark circles. I found that after having surgery to relieve the excess bleeding, my circles are just about gone. I had the surgeries two years ago.

If u want something quick try Grannie dark circle under eye roller. It is like $12 at a local drug store. With that u can also use just the Graniner under eye roller too, it helps with puffy eyes. I use these, when I put them both on in the morning my eyes look way better.

No cream can treat dark eye circles, don't believe in any of those crap. You know what you need? A Radio Frequency device like Marie France. It's for dark circles under eyes.

Application of cream with vitamin E and C before bed regularly helps in reducing the dark circles.

Obviously, it could be lack of sleep, but do you have allergies? There's a term called "allergy shiners", which the skin under the eye is thin, revealing blood vessels underneath. If you suffer from allergies (I know someone who does), and under her eyes are always dark.

You can put teabags on your eyes.
Wash your face with cold water.
Sleep with more pillows to drain your face.
Actually sleep more.
If they're genetic, like mine are, you can improve their appearance but you can't get rid of them.

Ask a SPA or ur doctor they almost always help !!!!!!

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