True/False: there was always that awkward nerd at the back of the class..?


and an awkward
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Way back in my school days, there was always at least one awkward nerd in every class. Even if he wasn't a nerd, usually they had something about them that the classmates decided that he was, in fact, a nerd. It happens. And what really happened in my experience is that those awkward nerds usually got the prettiest girl to marry; became a millionaire before he was 25; and because of his school experiences, practiced how to treat the rest of us as the true nerds.

I'm proud to say that I fell into what you're trying to say, but now I'm a rapper who is probably smarter, gets more money, and gets twenty times more pussy than you. Haha.

Nerds always sit up the front. Cool kids were in a group near the back, but at the very back was the lone psycho/goth: the type who killed small animals for fun or thought about bringing a gun to school


Hey, I was that awkward nerd at the back of the class!

Falseeee. Not where im from. where i am from every nerd/loner knows better to sit at the back of the class. They always sit near the front. The back is for all the 'populars'

False back in my times, (1970's). It was all the cool and popular kids back there. Nerds sad in the middle of the class somewhere.

NO .. the awkward nerd was at the front of the class .. trying to teach !

Yes there was and sometimes at the front
But that awkward nerd always had a great personality and was always good to people

True. They always get placed at the back of the class because they're smarter than everyone who sits in the front of the class...depending on the teacher and the seating arrangement.

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