Why do Spanish people think they are white?

They are clearly the base for hispanics and Latinos all over the world. Now before you anal retentive users start tripping with "Hispanic is not a race" please understand that I'm not saying it is. Hispanic may not be a race but it does describe a certain group of culture and you all know dam well what we mean. Now that that's out of the way, let's to get to the Spanish in Spain.
Are they considered white? How come they never appear in history prior to the African Moor occupation of Europe from 800ad to the 15th century? During this time the Africans invaded Rome and the African Roman biracial descendants are clearly the Spanish. In fact Spain is only 7 nautical miles from the coast of Africa through the Straight of Gibraltar which is by the way named after a famous African General and European conqueror. The Spanish music, food, and physicality are clearly of African origin. Are the Spanish considered white anyway?


Okay, it's been common knowledge for a while now that the Irish and Welsh share DNA With the Spanish, particularly the Basques. More recently, it's been determined by research at Oxford University that the English themselves are genetically related to the Spanish. So...are the English not white? The Spanish have ancient Iberian, Phoenician, Celtic, Roman and Germanic ancestry. The Moors occupied the southern half of Spain, they didn't colonize it, so there was not as much mixing as one might assume. The Spanish are as White as the Italians and in some cases, the French.
BTW...The word "Hispanic" has truly only been around since 1970 when the United States Census Bureau first introduced it.

Are you serious? They were mentioned by the Romans and by others in the years BC, long before any Moorish invader ever set foot in Spain. Archaeology and place names show that there were huge Celtic settlements in Iberia. There were also invading Goths, Germanic peoples. The ancient Spanish spoke Celtic languages, Basque and the vanished Iberian before the Romans brought Latin and Spanish developed out of that. None of these were African tongues.
Moors were invaders, they weren't killers ie, they didn't slaughter the native population. Nor did they drive them out of the lands--instead, they taxed them. They didn't mix overly much with them because of the religious differences and restrictions, hence very little Moorish ancestry (10% max.) The Moors were later expelled by the Spaniards--if the native Spanish were all replaced or didn't exist who do you think expelled them? Ghosts?
DNA doesn't lie, anyway, and they are very western European, with the most common male dna R1b, being the same as that of Britain, Ireland, France in particular but even as far as parts of Germany.

The people of the Americas are not the same as the Latini or Hispani. There is no such thing as pan Latin culture. There is no “clear base” like you claim.
The earliest Roman definition of Latin includes the idea of blood line. Virgil's Aeneid tell you who the Latin are, it was written down over 2000 years in Rome ... and btw, the second roman definition of Latin doesn't even include culture.
The terms Latini and Hispani (or various conjugations) were in use before Christ was born. They described specific Roman Europeans populations before any Arabs invaded. For example, The Roman Hispanicus (Hispanic Sword) dates back to 4th century BC.
The specific Arabs that occupied Hispania are called Mosarabic. We have different terms because they were different people.

What does it matter what each individual Spanish person thinks anyway?
Why should you, or anyone else care?
My sister in law is Spanish and she is most definitely white. She's paler than I am, and I'm white British.

My dad is a quarter Spanish, because his grandmother was from Spain... She looked like and was a white woman.

I am white from Scotland UK but after 2 weeks holidays in Spain I am darker than the average Spaniard but I am still classed as white

Spanish... Spain.
Spain... Europe.
Europe.... White.

ALL native Europeans are Caucasian, or white. ALL of them - including the Spanish.

Only eurocentrics claim them in order to seem diverse but juxtapose a Spanard next to a pure blood white aka Anglo Saxon and you can see huge difference.Southern Europeans are mixed race which explains why they look so exotic compared to pure whites

Because they are white, dear.
You can ramble about everything and make up facts but yes they are white. In Spanish "blanco".

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