Why did the Nazis consider Germanic people a master race?

They have no higher mental or physical capacity than the other European types. They are also very plain aesthetically, never having been recognised for their beauty.


It's because of a concept endorsed by Hitler called the master race. The founder, Alfred Rosenberg, believed that the Nordic race was a direct descendant of the Aryan race a symbol of perfection and purity. This system, though obviously wrong, classified people by race and declared that the Nordics were the superior ones and had the right and the duty to reign over the others. This idea was used multiple times as a political excuse for the unfair actions taken by different dictators such as the infamous Adolf Hitler and during the Japanese fascism.

Because it's wildly accepted that over time they were the great innovators. Inventions. Strong wills. And generally the best looking people. Blond hair blue eyes just like me :)

Because they dud

Germany is the greatest country in the world. I would move and live there forever today if I could.
Germans are some of the smartest people, who have created hands down the best music in the world.
America is a nation full of disgusting and backwards subhuman savages. Russians are poor drunkards. The French and British are quite advanced but not to the level of Germany.

Look how it all worked out , 2 million of their Supreme women outrageously raped by the Red Army and many more their Reich burnt to ashes.

For the exact same reasons the DEMOCRITS consider themselves the master party...

watch The Greatest Story Never Told 6hour documentary.

Because Hitler told them so.

interesting but i think the master race are not germanic they are english

You say Germans are plain and have never been recognized for their beauty. I dare you to say that to famous models Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer since they're German and beautiful. Let's see there are beautiful German actresses we know such as Diane Kruger, Nastassja Kinski.... And so on and so forth. Ok I'm done and bored with this question

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