buzzing sound when monitor connected to soundbar via aux jack?

I just bought a new samsung monitor connected to my xbox one via hdmi. the moniter is also connected to a new Logik soundbar i just bought via 3.5m double ended aux jack. however when i fully plug it into the soundbar, it makes a constant buzzing sound, and I can barely hear the sound on my xbox i the background, BUT if i i only plug it in partially, then i the buzzing goes away and i hear the xbox sound perfectly volume and clarity wise.
is there an issue with my monitor, soundbar, or is this normal?
the monitor is a SAMSUNG LU28E590DS 4K Ultra HD 28" LED Monitor.
the soundbar is a logik l32sbin16 2.1 sound bar.


The issue you are hearing is called a ground loop. It's very normal, and fortunately is easy and cheap to fix. Look for a "ground loop isolator" (they're available on Amazon) and put those between the sound bar and whatever it is plugged into. (Where you plugged the 3.5mm into)

"plug in partially" ... sounds like it is a stereo jack and a mono cable, or vice versa. [stereo jack has ground and two conductors, mono jack has only one conductor]

The cord is either unshielded, shorted or very close to an electrical noise source

I've had this issue with a bad cable and if not inserted properly.

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