How can any Imbicil believe that Oil comes from Dinosaurs?


No person that has learned even the basics of how oil was created thinks that.

I don't know anyone that understands how oil forms that believes such a thing. There is a simple problem of biomass insufficiency, for starters, never mind a litany of other contradictions. Also, "Imbicil" sounds like some sort of pharmaceutical for mental disorders. The word you wanted is (presumably) imbecile.

It is said from the time of the dinosaurs, not dinosaurs themselves.
Oil formed from trillions of tiny aquatic creatures that died and sank to the sea floor and did not rot as the conditions were anoxic.

You can boil down any animal for oil, that's why they used to go whaling. If humans and dinosaurs had co-existed, I am sure humans would have been getting oil from them.
Oil in the ground does not come from dinosaurs but from the remains of algae and zooplankton. When you go to High School, you will learn about such things in science classes. You will also learn how to spell. Calling someone an imbecile when you can't spell the word somewhat defeats the purpose.

It's true. The dinosaurs live at the north pole, and they spend their days growing oil plants and then stopping them into oil. Then they pump the oil through a system of caves. Then people drill oil wells and get the oil.

who knows? ignore them

Whale oil beef hooked.

Yeah, only an illiterate imbicil could believe that.

What’s this have to do with religion or spirituality, toilet baby?

Ikr, kinda like stupid ppl who deny that it rains when biblegod opens his windows!!

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