What do Americans think of the British?


I usually love the Brits, I was just socializing with a British woman at a bar a couple weeks back, she had he coolest personality, a very laid back, funny, sarcastic kind of personality (and no I'm not just saying that because I liked her accent.) I don't care what trash Americans talk on the internet, most Americans are like little school girls when they hear someone with a British accent, they're usually so enamored.

We love them. Our culture came from Britain.

They have a cool accent and drink tea.

We won the war, you're no different than any other people. Keep your opinions to yourself and there's no issues.

I'm not ethnically british, but I know that the ignorant americans think brits are all posh and eat tea and biscuits all day
They dont know what london is really like. When I watch youtube videos filmed in london they seem so shocked how ethnically diverse it is, I always see americans write comments like "has london turned into africa?"
they also seem shocked by the accents and slang in london spoken around, they seem to think we sound "american" when we talk in this way. but actually its just our own way of speaking which was influenced by jamaican slang


we won the war of Independence and then when y'all tried to invade again, we kicked y'all out.
But now that you've learned your lesson...
Y'all's O.K.
Come over for some barbecue, Kentucky whiskey, cornbread and American Football and we'll play some Willie Nelson and Aerosmith and have a dance party.

We got popcorn, too.
AHEM!!!!!!......please do NOT bring any Vegemite.

They used to be very impressive. The world today still owes them a lot, but of late, they've lost their mojo.

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