Atheists: Is there a difference between belief in a deity and spirituality?

I have always seen this as different. Here is why:
1. Belief in a deity requires no change to your thought system, personality, or way of being in the world. It is useless.
2. Belief in a deity requires belief that this deity will do something for you if you do something for it, be it sacrificing the neighbors cat or lifting a glass of Chablis to the god of weather (after all, tomorrow's golf game is at stake).
3. Spirituality is the recognition that you are NOT only a physical organism. It is something more. But what is it?
Do you recognize the difference?


They are both foolish to contemplate.
Americans have much larger problems to solve, like 43% of the homeless have jobs.
And our greedy banks are holding onto mass amounts of vacant properties What is up with that?


It is entirely possible to be an atheist who believes in spiritualism, as long as that spirituality doesn't include an intelligent, supernatural creator.
That said, I personally find that the evidence for spirituality claims to be as weak as those for a supernatural creator, and so I personally favor a more naturalistic view of the universe.

To me it is very different.
I suppose it would depend on how you define "spirituality".
To me it is introspection, something discouraged by the main religions.

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