Is My Penis The Normal Size?

I just want to say, that i know mabe at this age I shouldn't be on here or have to ask this type of question, but at the end of the day i am just asking for an answer to a question about my body, not a lecture on why kids shouldn't have to worry about this stuff.
I am 11 years old, turning 12 in about 7 months, and my Penis Is a little bit over 2 inches when normal, and 3 when erect, and when half a inch wide, and a inch wide when erect. I've seen many answers to the average but they are usually all over the place, so I thought I would come here.


αΊ€ell you ve just hit puberty and you re already 3/5ths of the average of 5.1 inches.

Way to young to be worrying about penis size, dude, you won't be full adult size until 15 to 15.

Yes. You are the right size.

I think you are about right for being eleven years old. When puberty starts, your penis will grow rapidly to adult size.


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