Do Hemorrhoids go away?

I think I have a hemorrhoid, it itchies like crazy and it's a purple bump next to my anus. It does hurt and it hasn't bled yet but I can barely walk. Will I need surgery or just leave it alone? Thank you. NO LINKS PLEASE.


don't strain when using the bathroom.Keep your bum clean by using unscented flushable wipes. Drink tons of water, stay hydrated.

try the link to a doctor

no they won't

Sounds like you have yourself a thrombosed hemorrhoid. You should see your doctor.

It goes away after three or four days.
If it seriously makes it imposssible to walk, there might be something else going on. Hemorrhoids usually aren't a very serious health problem, they're just a literal pain in the ***.
They come from straining too hard. It might help in the future if you eat a bit more fiber in your diet, or give fiber supplements a try. But a few fruits every day ought to help. And I mean whole fruits, not fruit juice or fruit snacks..

Usually, they do. But Prolapsed hemorrhoids may require treatment from a doctor that can involve minimally invasive outpatient procedures. Sometimes what seems to be a hemorrhoid is actually an anal fissure and that normally requires surgery.

Some go away with time, others do not and can become bigger. Not all of them bleed.

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