Kindly recommend me some places for a good manicure and pedicure?

Kindly recommend me some places
I have my anniversary this week and I am planning to get my wife a good couple pedicure and manicure as a gift. Kindly recommend me some places


Well, if I recommended a place in NYC, you might be in LA. Not sure if airfare is included. Just check your local twitter or FB feeds for nail salons, or yelp. A legit spa is better than a walk in mall joint.

Well Tom, try doing a search for nail salons in your area, since we don't know where you live.

Go to the store the get the stuff and do it yourself. Just don't vomit when you have to scrape away her nasty toe-jam

Kindly recommend you? Aren’t you also [a] (sic) “45 years (sic) old American lady” looking for “anti ageing (sic) cream”?
Are you a troll with some sort of weird OCD? Or will this turn into spam for some DIY mani-pedi kit?
I suggest “Best Nails” on Main Street and 1st, near the Starbucks. 🙄

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