Why don't they make pork, turkey, or seafood flavored bouillon cubes?

I've seen liquid turkey and seafood stocks, and pork flavored ramen powder, why not sell cubes? I've only ever seen beef, chicken, vegetable, and ham (in the Mexican section of the store)


There you go. Ham. Your thinking is catching on already. The reason is that when Adam named all of the animals, the pigs, chickens and beef happened to be closer in the barn. But I can see where there might be a Latino demand, since they have their own indigenous turkey dishes. Still, what is in a word?

They ARE actually made, but they are a rather limited stock. I have seafood stocks-and I got them from a Food Show. I also have vegetable stock, but I go it from a wholesaler.

They do exist.
Better Than Bouillion (which is REALLY good) makes turkey and seafood and fish https://www.betterthanbouillon.com/our-p...

And here's some pork https://www.instacart.com/shopping/produ...
There are more brands and more varieties.

I have a container of "Ham flavored" bullion in my refrigerator.
You can buy clam juice
And poultry cubes or broth would be fine for turkey as well as chicken

You should invent them and you will be rich. At least in the mexican section of the store.

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